As you have read, the Qute is a smart solution; which can change India’s urban public commuting condition for the better. Seat belts for driver & passengers. Its speed is restricted at 70km/hr since it needs to meet government regulations for maximum allowed speed as a commercial passenger vehicle. Bajaj is a company that not only dominates the three wheeler market but also has a remarkable presence in the two wheeler industry! Qute is indeed an idea whose time has come. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Weighing 450Kgs, the Qute returns a fuel efficiency of 36km/L. Hopefully we shall see the Qute in the market soon and benefit from travelling around in this cost-effective public urban commuting model. Market TrackerCopyright 2011. It has a 216.6cc single cylinder 4-stroke engine with a fuel injection system that churns out 13.2PS of power. Since Rapid urbanisation has led to excess congestion on city roads, which prevents free movement of vehicles. The Bajaj Qute is for a specific audience, it is not a 4-wheeler that will be sold to everyone but is targeted for commercial public transport i.e. A futuristic vehicle that can replace big taxicabs and three-wheelers in our country and make it a safer and greener place to live in. The Qute is not your conventional 4-wheeler; it’s a quadricycle which is greener, safer, cheaper, and the future of commercial transportation. As an alternative to taxicabs and the commercial three wheeler market, the Qute not only will ease environmental issues in the city for the general public but will also make life easier for those who making a living on commercial urban transport. I think the cost is on higher side. Hence, it is light weight, has a small footprint making it fuel efficient and easy to drive even on congested roads. agencia autorizada bajaj condesa. Why then is it not being sold in India? However, Bajaj is targeting three wherler audience with this and upgrading to a safer transportation is better for us. Technically the product falls under “Quadricycle category”; practically the product delivers “Best values of 3 wheeler” (compact, lightweight, fuel efficiency, less polluting) & “Best values of car” (closed space, safety, comfort of driver & passenger, availability of luggage space) combined with some of its own unique values like optimum speeds for city (hence safer) making it the Ideal solution for all the wows that exist in today’s urban world.. Bajaj Qute, initially called the RE60, meets the European Standards and Guidelines of Quadricycle for quality and design. Including India, Bajaj RE is sold in over 25 countries across the globe. So, what can we do to make Qute sell in India? Steering – steering wheel - rack and pinion type Excellent manoeuvrability & low turning circle radius (3.5 m) Lowest steering effort compared to smallest car on Indian roads. It is also the first 4-wheeler designed for first and last mile transportation. Your enquiry has been registered with us. The Bajaj RE is the most trusted 3-wheeler brand in the world. The Qute is the future and the future is all about change! In 2012, Bajaj auto unveiled its Quadricycle in Auto Expo Delhi; a vehicle which Bajaj calls an “Urban Mobility Solution”. Bajaj has pushed the boundary of innovation in intra-city transportation with Qute – a compact Quadricycle. The Bajaj Qute is not a car, it’s a quadricycle. With the people’s mindset shifting from being money oriented to prioritizing safety, the  environment and their lives; India needs this kind of ultra-smooth solution to ease all its commuting woes. Gambar Bajaj Qute. It not only comes with an affordable price tag but also gives you a peace of mind ownership experience, which means even a cab driver or a rickshaw driver in India can afford to own one and make better profits with better savings. The Bajaj Qute is not a … Its styling and monocoque construction affords this quadricycle good space management and safety. Since Rapid urbanisation has led to excess congestion on city roads, which prevents free movement of vehicles. No incluye: tenencias, placas, accesorios ni seguro. It has been the tried and trusted companion for more than 50 years and is known for providing livelihood to thousands of drivers, fleet owners, mechanics and dealers alike.
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