[15], On July 14, 2004, the 3Live Kru, Dusty Rhodes and Larry Zbyszko defeated Jarrett, Ken Shamrock and the Elite Guard in a ten-man tag team match. Konnan would wrestle twice more as The Latin Fury, the final time at a house show in Hyannis, Massachusetts on July 19, 1992 when he defeated Pete Doherty. [32] When the two halves of the nWo reunited in January 1999, Konnan was thrown out of the nWo for standing up for Rey Misterio, Jr and was attacked by Lex Luger. In June, Konnan left TNA, as did Ron Killings. [12], Am 19. Nach dem Match nahmen The Outsiders Rey Mysterio seine Maske ab. [2] Konnan and Killings feuded with The Outlaw and "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown, with James's loyalties divided. Ashenoff returned to San Diego, and received an honorable discharge. He was forced into it." He also wrestled a tag match teamed with Norman Smiley for MXPW in September 2003. Wrestling that he is "kind of a jack-of-all-trades with Triple AAA. According to Konnan, "When I was wrestling in Japan, I saw this Japanese anime cartoon robot on TV that shot confetti and fire. Soon after landing in Boston, she met a young half-Jewish, half-Puerto Rican private investigator from New York named Richard Ashenoff. After making his debut for UWA, Konnan wrestled for the UWA Heavyweight title against El Canek at UWA 14 on January 29, 1989, and wrestled six- and eight-man tag matches intermittently for the promotion until 1994, with the likes of Dos Caras, Mascara Sagrada, and others. He then took part in a Mixed Five-on-four Handicap Match on August 7, 2011 where the team of Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, El Elegido & El Zorro defeated Konnan, Chessman, Jennifer Blake, Mini Psicosis & Nicho el Millonario as part of a telethon benefit show in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico. Aufgrund inakzeptablen Verhaltens wurde er von diversen Schulen verwiesen, bevor er 1982 die Miami Southwest High School besuchte. Konnan hatte dann viele Monate eine Fehde mit dem Wrestler Disko Inferno und danach mit Stevie Ray. The podcast, "Keeping it 100 with Konnan" is co-hosted by Glenn Gilberti (Disco Inferno). [4] Später im Jahre 1994 attackierte Konnan seinen eigenen Tag Team-Partner Perro Aguayo. Bei dem Pay-per-View TNA Victory Road 2004 am 7. Suddenly, a big roar (laughter) went up from another wrestler, Miguel Lopez, who wrestled as Rey Mysterio. Matt Benaka, Earl Oliver, Andrew Zadarnowski, John Solo and Joe Dean. [2] They were scheduled to defend the titles against Harlem Heat in the MGM Grand Garden Arena on October 24, 1999 at Halloween Havoc, but on the night of the event Mysterio was announced as being injured. He, El Mariachi and Kafu defeated Derek Sanders, Oliver John and Vaquero Fantasma at an event taking place at the Santa Cruz County Fair in Watsonville, California. Schon kurz nach seinem Eintritt in diese Liga hatte er eine große Fehde mit The Sandman. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. The Kru began feuding with Team Canada in August 2004, and at the inaugural three-hour TNA pay-per-view, Victory Road on November 7, 2004, Konnan and James defeated Team Canada members Bobby Roode and "Showtime" Eric Young for the NWA World Tag Team Championship. [54], In March 2017, Konnan returned to Impact Wrestling as the manager of The Latin American Xchange (Homicide, Ortiz, Santana and Diamante). [27] Konnan defeated Killer on February 2, 1996 in Querétaro to become the first ever AAA Heavyweight Champion. Der Titel wurde erst im Jahre 2004 wieder in der AAA verwendet. [15] Konnan joined Empresa Mexicana de la Lucha Libre (EMLL) later that year. Die nWo teilte sich später in zwei Hälften, die nWo - wolfpack, in der Konnan war, und die nWo-Hollywood, in der unter anderem Hollywood Hogan war. Den Moon-Charakter hat sich Konnan selbst ausgesucht. He continued to wrestle with La Legión until February 2010. [17] In the end, the Max Moon character was given to Paul Diamond, who appeared as the character on the first episode of Monday Night Raw on January 11, 1993. [15] During his reign, he continued to defend his IWAS and AAA Heavyweight Championships in Mexico (these championships were billed as a "Mexican Heavyweight Title" wherever Konnan wore one or the other to a WCW ring). Als er zur EMLL ging, bekam er den Ringnamen „Konnan El Barbaro“ zugesprochen, welcher vom Spielfilm Conan der Barbar abgeleitet ist. He soon became the leader of the stable, which was active through 2009. When Richard formally adopted Carlos, he listed Carlos’ legal name as Charles Ashenoff. [9][note 1]. [2] The title was then contested in a three-way tag match pitting Konnan and Billy Kidman, representing the Filthy Animals, against Harlem Heat and the First Family (Hugh Morrus and Brian Knobs). [56] The match was stopped by the referee when Low Ki, Ricky Martinez, and Hijo de L.A. Park wouldn't stop attacking Konnan. His debut was at Starrcade on December 16, 1990. He had set a goal to qualify for the Junior Olympics in boxing, but he injured his shoulder in training, and was then deployed to the Middle East subsequent to the U.S. Embassy bombing in Beirut on April 18, 1983. The feud went on intermittently through 2006. Konnan returned to WCW on a full-time basis on the January 22, 1996 edition of Nitro. He then wrestled a match with Damian Steele on October 13, 2001. [11], Im Januar 1999 vereinigten sich die beiden Hälften der nWo wieder. On July 14 in Querétaro, Konnan and his group MAD make their debut, but were interrupted by La Parka, starting a rivalry. Konnan made his WWF debut on September 1, 1992 in Hershey, Pennsylvania during a Superstars taping under the name The Comet Kid when he pinned Barry Horowitz. He writes, "Carlos was promoted as El Centurion and The Incredible Hulk and worked his way up the cards quickly. Dadurch war er auch maßgeblich an den Einstellungen der Mexikaner Rey Mysterio, jr., Psicosis, Juventud Guerrera und La Parka verantwortlich. Nach einer längeren Wrestlingpause in den 2000ern kehrte er wieder zum mexikanischen Wrestling zurück, wo er größtenteils in Mexiko-Stadt und in Guadalajara kämpfte. Diese Zuschauerzahl ist der absolute Rekord im mexikanischen Wrestling, der bis heute nicht gebrochen wurde.[8]. Konnan´s ehemaliger Tag Team-Partner Aguayo revanchierte sich an ihm, indem er Konnan am 6. Konnan bildete in der TNA zusammen mit den Wrestlern Homicide und Hernandez die Latin American eXchange. Februar 2003 kam Konnan wieder zur TNA zurück und gründete kurz darauf ein neues Stable, die Authentic Luchadores. Dezember 2004 bei der Veranstaltung TNA Turning Point 2004 wieder gegen Team Canada verloren, durch das Eingreifen des verletzten Johnny Devine.[14]. It was like when Raw and Nitro were going head-to-head and there was work for everybody. I was able to capitalize on that wrestling boom. Dieses Stable hatte eine Fehde mit Jerry Lynn, die bis zum 2. On the November 30, 1998 episode of Nitro, Konnan defeated Chris Jericho for the World Television Championship. Am 28. [3] Diesmal wurde er in der WCW besser angenommen und bekam sogar eine höhere Position im Management.
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