When his soul was returned to him, not only did Cyrax retain some of his cybernetic parts, he was also outfitted with state-of-the-art technology, courtesy of the Outworld Investigation Agency. Mortal Kombat Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. (The following moves are compatible with the Arcade (Rev. in versions of the game for MegaDrive / Genesis and Super Nintendo there is no character Shiva and finishing Animality ; This is likely a homage to the Star Wars films, where the main character Luke Skywalker has a blue lightsaber and then, in a later film, constructs a green one. He ends up stranded in the middle of the desert, blindly heading back toward his base. Making his debut in Mortal Kombat 3, Cyrax was one of the three cybernetic ninjas created by the Lin Kuei, in an effort to convert all members into unfeeling, cold-hearted, cybernetic assassins to improve their performance. They are immediately brought in for cybernetic enhancements which includes removing their emotions but keeping their memories so they would become fully obedient. Finisher Moves Fatality 1. Cyrax is seen trapped in the sand in the background of Jade's Desert stage in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, despite also being a playable character. Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Characters, Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition Characters, Mortal Kombat (2011) Story Mode Characters, Mortal Kombat: Deception Konquest Characters, https://mortalkombat.fandom.com/wiki/Cyrax?oldid=359856, Cyrax and Sektor's design was in part inspired by, Of all of the cyborg characters, he is the only one in. While Cyrax's normal outfit in Deadly Alliance shows him more robotic than human, his alternate costume shows him to be almost completely human with cybernetic parts in his body, although his "being human again" probably just refers to him regaining his memories and conscience, as he will always have cybernetic implants in his body no matter what, making him a cyborg. He was assigned to hunt down the renegade, former Lin Kuei member Sub-Zero as designated unit LK-4D4. Of the three cyborgs, he has become the first to recover his humanity. Although Cyrax's armor is said to be heat-resistant (as stated above), he can still be defeated by being knocked into a death trap with lava. Cyrax Triborg houses the consciousness of all four ninjas, and Cyrax's name is mentioned when interacting with Sub-Zero. Body Slam: Perform a Throw and repeatedly tap High Punch. In the latest Mortal Kombat, Cyrax is given an entire overhaul featuring more armor plating and visible scratches thanks to graphical improvements as well as green eyes. However, this is just a gameplay mechanic. Their lower legs are removed before the armor is installed (using the MK 2011 model) onto their bodies where they are then tested in kombat against Project Hydro. Sub-Zero helps Smoke recall his past and gains him as an ally once again. "Gotcha" Grab: Forward, Forward, Low Punch. Double Missile: Forward, Forward, Back, Back, High Punch. Cyrax's face was first seen in-game during Mortal Kombat Gold. He is first seen being escorted to a facility where he and Sektor argue about the Cyber Initiative protesting it to be the end of the clan due to its submissive nature. However, they all have returned for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon as individual characters. Technically, Cyrax should be eliminated from the tournament in, Cyrax was explicitly mentioned in a court case involving the death of a boy killed by his friend after they had supposedly played, Cyrax is the only Lin Kuei assassin not mentioned at all in, Additionally, although Cyrax is not actually present in. Portrayers Cyrax is also able to relocate himself across short distances by separating all of his limbs and head as his torso would transport to a different area where all of the discarded limbs would rejoin. Certain elements of both characters' armor, such as the faceplate, dreadlocks, and net weapon are also similar. Combo 3: High Punch, High Punch, High Kick, High Punch, High Kick, Back + High Kick. Despite being the shortest of the cyborg ninjas, he is the heaviest. His alternate costume depicted him in the same outfit, but lacking the front of his mask. While Sektor and Cyrax were playable in Mortal Kombat Gold, only Cyrax was playable in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, while Sektor appeared in Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition. In addition to his Bio Kard, Cyrax is seen launching three time bombs at once as opposed to the two that can be launched at a time.
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