This can be used to gain a better angle to fire at opponents. My robots, my rules. War Robots Tutorial. The Fujin is a quadrupedal medium robot with 3 medium hardpoints. It deflects al kinetic weapons, but not energyweapons. Vulnerability at very close range in addition to its 3 Medium hardpoints and energy shield make the Fujin perfectly suited to perform as a suppressor. Commanders. To be effective against other fast robots, to shoot missiles while jumping and to not use Hydra at the expense of beacon capturing. When in Sentry mode the Fujin's torso is raised for a larger field-of-view while maintaining the ability to rotate. War Robots - I turned my Fujin into a "Super Fujin" using the Crazy Electrician Pilot Skill which boosts the energy shield regeneration. Like every other energy shield when a kinetic weapon hits the shield a blue honeycom… Fujin is perfectly suited for area capture and control. The Fujin's under-average health means that even low-DPS (Damage per Second) sniper weapons can have a significant effect. I like War Robots! The Fujin's energy shield can also be used to protect teammates behind the Fujin from enemy fire due to its large surface area. En el videojuego de móvil War Robots hay 2 robots llamados "Fujin" y "Raijin", en honor a los dioses homónimos. She is pretty with a kimono. The Ancile shield only regenerates when the Fujin is in Sentry Mode. The Fujin is currently most expensive silver bot, with a price of 5 million AG, though this price is dwarfed by the cost of producing component bots. You can read our Cookies Policy. Fan subreddit of the PvP mecha-combat game War Robots. In this video I offer tips and a general guideline on how to play the Fujin robot with live gameplay commentary. If it makes you feel any better, trying to figure out how to make human quad-legged robots without making them robot centaurs was a challenge, so for both of them I imagined a modern version of a litter/palanquin that carries both of them along, considering their cultural connection to Japan. Note: Level 12 Mark I is required to enhance (purchase) to Mark II. 11.7k. En el videojuego Fire Emblem Fates, el hermano menor del avatar, Takumi, lleva el yumi Fujin, un arco sagrado de gran poder. 89. - War Robots - Fujin - Download Free 3D model by ManySince910 (@noears6) [48a615b] The Fujin's ability is called Sentry Mode, which immobilizes itself in exchange for an extremely powerful energy shield. Commanders Online. In Update 6.5, the Fujin did not have any collision model with other robots or the outside barriers on Dead City, this allowed Fujins to walk through other robot or fall out of the map if they walked out of the map. With a built-in energy shield, 3 medium weapons, and average speed, the Fujin is a credible threat in the lower leagues. It blocks kinetic weapons and splash weapons such as the Orkan and Thunder, but not energy weapons like the Magnum. К сожалению, браузер, которым вы пользуйтесь, устарел и не позволяет корректно отображать сайт. In response to comments about Hydra being good against fast robots and bad for beacon capturing on Fujin, that's why my Cossack uses a Hydra. Robot. Other robots must rotate their lower bodies to the new direction. Sigueme en StreamCraft para directos exclusivos y sorteos!! Fujin is able to provide both cover and barrage for its allies, it is perfectly suited for area capture and control…” – in-game description. However, it cannot climb up obstacles, unlike the, Because the Fujin is so low to the ground, it can still hit "stealthed" robots while it is not in Sentry Mode, Fujin has written "Wind God" in Japanese "風神" on its back and forehead, Dragon paint job for Fujin has the word "Dragon" written on it, The Fujin shares the same base health as the, The Fujin is the robot that appears on the current War Robots app logo, equipped with 3x. While it cannot climb like the Raijin or Weyland, this does give it special characteristics that other robots do not have. Three medium hardpoints give Fujin a strategic advantage in short and medium-ranged fights. Tre stazioni di armi medie danno a Fujin un vantaggio strategico nei combattimenti corpo a corpo e a media… Like every other energy shield, when a kinetic weapon hits the shield a blue honeycomb-like pattern will appear where the projectiles strike it. Credits to the original creator of the War Robots Fujin model. A metal sentinel capable of providing both cover and fire support for his teammates. The Fujin's energy shield is very similar to the Ancile and to the Carnage's shield, but the Fujin's energy shield has higher hit points (HP) making it the most durable Ancile-type shield in the game. The Fujin's siheld is 1,000 HP less than its health at each level (135,000 HP at Level 12). “…Four-legged sentinel equipped with an energy shield. Tulumbas Fujin is quite effective at higher tiers and is also the most cost effective Fujin setup.
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