Type of Villain Polyphemus | Elemental Talos | Solar Deity, Guardian of oathMaster of the gifts of sight. Argos | Helios' mythological Roman equivalent is Sol. Kratos demanded the location of the Flame of Olympus, but the sun god told him that he would never reach it and unleashed the power of the sun in an attempt to blind Kratos. Kratos managed to break their shields by taking control of a Cyclops which had also arrived to assist Helios, using its club to batter through their defenses before ripping the Cyclops' eye socket out and killing it. Gorgons | Although endowed with powers similar to Helios' own, his champion was killed in battle by Kratos. Dark Rider/Dark Griffin | Although while this may indeed be the case, Helios himself does not receive an opportunity to display many of these traits, as his appearances in God of War III were rather brief and did not involve any scuffles with Kratos.Since he is the literal aspect of the sun, should Helios be destroyed or abducted, this would cause the sun to be blocked out by heavy rainclouds and violent storms and even disappear entirely (as shown by his death at the hands of Kratos and his abduction in Chains Of Olympus). Lord HeliosGod of the Sun Helios jumped onto his Sun Chariot and began attacking Gaia, throwing a fireball, combusting a fallen tree to prevent Kratos from escaping the undead soldiers that swarmed the Titaness' shoulder. Centaurs | He is a major antagonist in God of War III. Harpies | Manticore | Helios suggested helping him more but Athena disagreed, stating "He'll live. The Ghost of Sparta managed to shield his eyes from the light with his hands and stomped multiple times on Helios' head. Register Start a Wiki. Still later, the horses were given fiery names: Pyrois, Aeos, Aethon, and Phlegon. Helios stated he would never reach it or kill Zeus and that he would forfeit his life trying; to which Kratos replied that his life is not the one Helios should worry about. Hera | He proceeded to deliver a blow to the sun god's neck and then used all of his strength to rip off Helios' head. Gaia | Olympus, Helios leapt into his Sun Chariot and flew down on the Titans, launching fireballs with one in particular aimed at Gaia to prevent Kratos from escaping the soldiers swarming the Titaness' shoulder. Powers/Skills A battalion of Olympus Sentinels converged on the wounded Helios, forming a shield that Kratos could not damage due to their Onyx shields. Por la noche regresaba a su hogar en Oriente navegando a bordo de una … Helios (Hêlios or Êelios) was the All-Seeing Titan of the sun and was called upon witness when needed by the gods. … Satyr | After traveling through the ruined city, Kratos discovers Helios once again; severely injured from being both crushed in Perses' hand and thrown into the city, rendering him unable to lift himself off the ground. Helios is the God of The Sun and Guardian of Oaths. Defend Mt. The two were later come upon by Kratos, still in battle. During the battle with Persephone, Helios was held in Atlas' hand, forming of an orb of light. Pour aider à imaginer les personnages il est important de préciser leurs tailles les uns par rapport aux autres. Persian King | Hades | The Gods quickly took action to defeat the Titans once again. Presiding over the power of the sun. Helios is one of the strongest Olympians, as he is the "Sun itself". In Atlas' flashback of the Great War of the Gods and the Titans, Helios can be seen fighting alongside Hermes against the Titans. Aesir. The sun god seemed to relent and told him to defeat Zeus he needed to walk into the Flame of Olympus, but Kratos angrily told him Hephaestus had already told him about the flame and that it would destroy any god or mortal who so much as touched the flame. With the sun god's death, clouds blocked the sun, bringing darkness and storms across the Greece. Revenant | Cereyon | He also wields the Sun Chariot which he uses for transportation. Chimera | Helios briefly appears in person at the end, during the council of the Gods on Olympus, along with Hermes, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. God of War: Chains of Olympus God of War II God of War III. Scylla | Danaus | Helios is one of the strongest Gods, since he is the sun itself. Thanatos, God Of War: Betrayal Skorpius | Failing to convince Kratos, and with a final gaze at the Spartan, Helios sternly told Kratos his death would not lead him to Zeus, only for Kratos to reply that is where he was wrong. Trolls | Helios Hercules | Helios – bóstwo, należące do drugiego pokolenia tytanów związanym z kultem Słońca. Helios tried to defend himself stating that Hephaestus was lying, as the "freak" had fallen from the graces of Olympus; Kratos retorted that it was why he believed the smith god. Homer described Helios's chariot as drawn by his Fire Steeds. Helios Bronze Talos | Origin They must. Poseidon | Helios was very proud of his status as "god of the sun", as he was the one keeping external threats, such as Morpheus, away from Olympus. Helios appeared in the gods' wager, with a champion of his own. Hermes | Helios is very proud of his status as "god of the sun", as he is the one who keeps Morpheus away from Olympus. In Greek mythology, the Sun was personified as Helios. Games Movies TV Video. Helios scorned the Spartan for trusting the smith god's words, calling him an exiled freak who had fallen from the grace of Olympus. Helios uses to Power of the Sun to both blind and injure Kratos. Male The Hammer of Helios is one of the weapons that warriors onMultiplayerhave to obtain by three fragments. Persephone, God Of War Using the bright light he emitted to hamper Perses' sight and moving too fast for the Titan to strike him, Helios held the advantage. However, in the middle of the meeting, the Titans and Kratos began their attack on the mountain and Helios leapt to Olympus' defense along with the rest of the gods. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After Kratos ripped Helios' head off, a light began to emit from Helios' eyes and mouth. Giant Arachnid | He is only surpassed by Ares, Hercules, Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However Kratos came to the realm of the dead to rescue Helios and he defeated Persephone (with help from a beam of light from the sun god) and chained up Atlas, forcing him to take the pillar's place. Whenever Kratos uses the Head of Helios, a faint scream of pain can be heard. The names of these three were also the common Greek words for Sun, Dawn and Moon. After his final battle and Kratos returning Helios to the sky but fell off Helios' Chariot and nearly hit a cliff, though he was saved by the gods. He appears to be honorable when he wants to compensate Kratos for saving him from Atlas, but Helios becomes manipulative and arrogant after he was consumed by the evils of the Pandora's box, as shown when he is trying to control Kratos in an unscrupulous manner into touching the Flames of Olympus, and to convince him that he would die in vain while in trying to defeat Zeus, and that his death would not lead Kratos to Zeus. Occupation Helios took part in the Great War along with the rest of the Olympians, fighting alongside Hermes. Mole Cerberus | He was the son of Hyperion and Theia, and as a brother of Selene and Eos. Olympus from Kratos and the Titans. Hydra | Griffin | Helios, praised his actions and grateful for Kratos' rescuing him, showed pity for his sacrifices, suggesting helping him further, only for Athena to disagree, claiming that "He'll live. Callisto | When Kratos uses Helios' Head, the faint screams of the God can still be heard coming from the decapitated head. The Furies (Megaera, Tisiphone/Daimon & Alecto) | Pollux & Castor | Information His disappearance allowed Morpheus, the God of Dreams, who had been alerted of Persephone's plan, to take over the mortal realm and cast the Gods into a deep slumber.
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