[7], Shamus Kelley of Den of Geek also observed that its theme may also be topical to the Black Lives Matter movement, during which time the film was released, though Chong quickly to dismiss the matter, saying that aren't trying "to echo what's exactly happening right now. According to We Bare Bears series creator Daniel Chong, he was approached by the Cartoon Network staff with idea for a feature film based on the series in 2018. [9] Though expressing regret over the series' unresolved story lines, she complimented its zany sense of humor and its ultimate message, which to her was that "you can always choose your family". We Bare Bears (Escandalosos en Hispanoamérica y Somos osos en España) es una serie animada estadounidense creada por Daniel Chong para Cartoon Network.La serie trata sobre tres osos hermanos, Pardo (Eric Edelstein), Panda (Bobby Moynihan) y Polar (Demetri Martin), y sus intentos de integrarse en la sociedad humana en el Área de la Bahía de San Francisco. COL) Y 9PM (MEX) sólo por Cartoon Network ❄ #CartoonNetwork #WBB #WBBtheMovie, Una publicación compartida por Cartoon Network LA (@cartoonnetworkla) el 5 de Nov de 2020 a las 8:29 PST. [2][3] Chong had previously made the series based from his experiences as an Asian American in Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area. With their escape from the fire being broadcast by the news, the Bears are celebrated by the public as heroes, while Trout is arrested and taken into custody. Despite the public's demands for their accountability, police officer Murphy refuses to endorse severe punishment, until Wildlife Control Agent Trout takes over and convinces the assembly to detain the Bears and relocate them to a wildlife preserve. The film had its television premiere on Cartoon Network on September 7, 2020.[1]. It would feel sort of disingenuous to not acknowledge it. En la nueva película no solo nos encontraremos con Oficial Trout, también tendremos nuevos personajes como Vaca Dramática, Canguro Musculoso, Gatita Gruñona, la Rata de la Pizza y los Mapaches Mecánicos que se pueden ver en el trailer. [6] It does not include the song "Everywhere", a Fleetwood Mac cover sung by German musician Roosevelt in 2019, which was featured in the film's ending credits. Brian Stevenson as Southern Owl, an internet famous owl. Produced by Cartoon Network Studios, it was released in North American digital theater platforms by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on June 30, 2020. Max Mitchell voices the younger version named Baby Panda. The preserve's electrified fence ignites a forest fire, trapping all of them inside. He remarked, "This is not a matter of politics. [2] The film was finalized as the Bears' final adventure and a conclusion to the original We Bare Bears series, though Chong had expressed intentions for it to continue to spin-offs, among other different ways. This empowers him to break free of his enclosure and release the other captive bears, who aid him in liberating Panda and Ice Bear from Trout. Sobre la fecha de estreno de 'We Bare Bears: The Movie' en Latinoamérica te comentamos que será mañana viernes 6 de noviembre a las nueve de la noche hora de la Ciudad de México por Cartoon Network, no te lo puedes perder. [7], We Bare Bears: The Movie explores themes of acceptance, family separation, and racial discrimination. La película de los OsosEscandalosos tendrá su estreno en plataformas digitales, la fecha tentativa es el8dejunio, la historia está basada en la serie animada para deleite de todos los fánaticos. 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[2] Chong also remarked the was initially opposed to the addition of the other captive bears, as it could risk the main characters as uninteresting. We Bare Bears: The Movie is a 2020 American animated comedy film based on the Cartoon Network television series of the same name.
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