In a lengthy match, Orton and Edge drew on decades of combined experience to throw everything in their arsenal at each other in something that felt like the culmination of "WWE style" wrestling. McIntyre tried to fire back but continually had his offense cut off as he was still trying to recover. 6-keys: media/spln/wwe/reg/free/stories_live-blog. WWE Backlash results, June 14, 2020: Randy Orton outlasts Edge in battle for wrestling superiority. Wow, huge spinebuster by Lashley for just a one count! Maisie Smith takes pride in her body after putting on weight during Strictly training, The 19-year-old has responded after some viewers said she landed in the dance-off again last weekend because she is "cocky", McDonald's accused of "cultural appropriation" over new Jerk Chicken Sandwich, The fast food chain has come under fire online by some furious customers who have complained about the new 'Jerk Chicken Sandwich' on its festive menu, Shane Richie in the money with 'extraordinary' offers amid I'm a Celeb stint, EXCLUSIVE: Work offers are pouring in for 'skint' I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! Another near fall. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. site: media | arena: wwe | pageType: stories | From 1995 through 1999, In Your House PPV events took place during the months in between WWE's big 5 PPV events. Still a great performer. Very interesting! Lashley continued his attack outside the ring, but when he tried to run in for a splash against the barricade, McIntyre countered and started to pick up some momentum. Derzeit lässt sich das WWE Network (bzw. What’s this? We need it after that. Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss [via pinfall] and The IIconics to retain the titles -- Grade: B, Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus: Sheamus came out fast, throwing Hardy to the mat and immediately grinding his forearm into Hardy's face, rubbing off Hardy's face paint in the process. 9:56 pm ET, at A great start to this bout. Among the other standout matches was the WWE championship match, which saw Drew McIntyre outlast Bobby Lashley in a high-impact battle of big men. He sets Edge up on the top turnbuckle for a draping DDT, but then Edge responds with an Edgecution DDT of for a near fall! Some of the counters and reversals here have been fantastic. Reverse Alabama Slam by Drew on the challenger, after he desperately tried to hang onto the ropes. Randy Orton went low to best Edge in what may have been The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever. Now Edge hits a Rock Bottom! Otis also interrupted the duo backstage and let them know he might try to cash in the Money in the Bank contract on anyone who wins the match. Samoa Joe says he can smell fear and doubt in Edge. The piped in crowd are responding to the moves, like this is a WWE video game. Lashley is looking for the Full Nelson again, but can’t get his hands together. Well, it has been to be fair. 9:48 pm ET, at There were other small touches, though, with recorded introductions from the late Howard Finkel and referee Charles Robinson in old school blue shirt and bow tie referee gear. 2020 WWE Backlash results, recap, grades: 'The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever' totally delivers WWE Backlash was an up-and-down show, but it closed strong with Edge and Randy Orton All four men are in the truck and they get a flashback to some comedy skits involving them in NXT. Lashley fell backward,with his legs locked around McIntyre's waist, torquing on the hold before finally letting go. 9:32 pm ET, at The Raw tag team title madness wasn’t my cup of tea, but there was so much else to enjoy on the card, including a barnstorming battle for the WWE title, as Drew McIntyre continues to shine and Lashley showed he has the potential to do even more in his career. Orton stomps on his legs. 9:53 pm ET, at The Profits find golf clubs. Ouch. Edge via pinfall -- Grade: A+, After breaking out big moves from throughout WWE history, Orton managed to hit Edge with an RKO, but Edge kicked out. The transition into the move was so smooth, Orton at his best. But this is the "cinematic era" at its most unnecessarily indulgent. 8:24 pm ET, at (There would be no "co-champions.") After decimating the ninjas, Akira brings backup in the shape of a giant ninja, with a blade. This just didn't really have a consistent tone and the jokes didn't really land. There wasn't much drama in how this would end once the "no co-champs" rule was announced. JUST. Drew used the Tombstone a lot on the independent scene - that was a cool moment. Bobby Lashley via pinfall to retain the title -- Grade: B+, The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders brawl across the Performance Center: Before the match, the Profits and Raiders were found battling in the parking lot before they were thrown onto the hood of Braun Strowman's car and ran away in a panic, continuing the brawl inside the building. Spear by Edge! Edge kicks out! Though, it's hard to imagine things between these two are anywhere near done. Tozawa said anything they could do, his group could do better. Well, at the moment, none of us can attend WWE events, but when this is all over, you should speak to Wrestling Travel, who fly WWE fans out to all the big shows and more. Edge of course had to retire due to a neck injury and Orton is going for the most vulnerable part of his body. Drew McIntyre (c) def. When cinematic wrestling is taken a step too far. The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever is next! It was billed as 'The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever' and two WWE legends produced one of the best matches of their respective careers - relive all the action here. After Strowman seemed fully down and out, Miz hit a Skull-Crushing Finale assisted by a Morrison kick.
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